Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Electronics-free Day

Every now & then we like to have an Electronics-free day. This means no TV, computer, Wii, DS or any other type of electronic entertainment. This time we decided to break out the play dough. Here are a few of their creations.

My oldest son loves to create sculptures. I have no idea where he got that talent, it certainly wasn't from me.

Anyone who knows my second son knows how much he loves to eat. Therefore, it shouldn't be any surprise that he decided to make a selection of his favorite foods. Let's see, there are apples, bananas, cherries & even tomatoes.

Here we have a set of gears. It's not the best pic, but
they looked great!

Our youngest decided to mix a couple of colors together.
He didn't want to pose with it so I'm holding it for him.

Oh yeah, they also decided to work in a few minutes of exercise on the pull-up bar.

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